Introducing the Roberts Electric Stapler 10-600

Australian Flooring Supplies is pleased to introduce the Roberts Electric Stapler 10-600 and the Roberts 15mm staples 88-4115 to the Australian and New Zealand market.


Ideal for installing carpet, the Roberts Electric Stapler 10-600 has proved to be a reliable tool fit for the job having been in use in America for many years.


The 10-600 features a 7 Amp drive solenoid and a 220 Volt for powerful, reliable operation.


The new electric stapler requires a staple with a 4.5mm crown which will now be available as the Roberts 15mm Staples 88-4115. The Roberts 15mm Staples 884115 are the only staples suitable for the new stapler and they are cheaper than the same size staples for the current supplier.


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